1) Interest and Knowledge

The first step is to explore the opportunities offered by Burger Wave, collecting all the preliminary information that can be found within the site and fill out without any commitment the registration form.

Afterward an initial telephone interview will be organized by a manager of the headquarters of Burger Wave


2) The first interview

During the first interview, once having completed the formal presentation by Burger Wave, you can get answers to all questions and investigate any specific aspect of your interest.

After the first contact, in case the reciprocal interest is confirmed, we will deliver the documents relating to affiliation, providing all the elements to analyze the affiliate agreement.


3) Potential Rating Affiliate

In subsequent contacts, we will evaluate all the elements and the specific characteristics being provided in the filled application (contract, financial aspects and economic analysis of the area where you want to open the restaurant, etc.) and invite potential candidates directly in our premises.


4) Choice of the shop, design and construction

Once the Affiliation Agreement with Burger Wave has been signed, we will help and support you in finding the most suitable premises as well as assist in the design and implementation of the point of sale Burger Wave.


5) Training

By joining the network Burger Wave you will receive a comprehensive training program that will support and prepare the franchisee in opening and manage a Burger Wave point of sale.


6) Opening!

The last step is the opening of the store of Burger Wave! The staff of Burger Wave will support the franchisee in the launch of the new business activity!