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No Kings, no Clowns, just damn good burgers!

<p>No Kings, no Clowns, just damn good burgers!</p>


We make the best and tasty burgers. Our recipes are born from the fusion cuisine, characterized by the encounter of many ingredients. Burger Wave, the burger with a lot! All the Australian burgers are served "with a lot of goodies": many ingredients, all genuine and tasty!

Easy Going

The atmosphere in Burger Wave is always quiet and informal. The ambience that reigns in Burger Wave is typical of Australian beaches when, after a day of surfing, the best option is relaxing on the beach.

A "hamburger with a lot" in Burger Wave brings the summer, the surf and the sun!


Burger Wave is a great place where you have the opportunity to meet people who share the same philosophy of life and enthusiasm for everything that is related to the Australian world. The desire to plan a trip in the land Down Under, the passion for surfing and skateboarding, and the curiosity to explore the various aspects related to the “Aussie” culture and history.


The quality of the products served in Burger Wave origins from the great accuracy in the choice of raw materials. We use only Black Angus beef, the best for burgers, carefully selecting suppliers, to ensure the best quality offer all-day.

The World of Burger Wave

Burger Wave - 6th Anniversary

the most beautiful photos of the event!


4th Anniversary
The beginning.

Burger Wave Milan – From Australia with burgers!


"Milano al Top-Expo Time"

Food Drink Fashion Design Art. Here we are! Thanks ViviMilano.

Shooting at Burger Wave.

X Style editorial staff in Burger Wave!

The family is getting bigger

….Burger Wave San Marco….stay tuned….


And finally the new special

It’s burger - mania!

Many thanks to Raffaella and to all the X- Style editorial staff for the service .... and as always , the best is at the end !!!


Il Secondo Momento Migliore

Thanks a lot Valentina, for having talked about our local in your book !!!


BBurger Wave wins "YELP AWARD 2014" as Best Hamburger, assigned by the Team Yelp Elite Milan.